Friday, December 23, 2011

More Options

For the new viewers, I created this blog to chronicle my attept to double 10k in the stock market in less than one year. The first and so far only buy was GEOY. The first trade was on 12/12/11, long 525 shares at 19.03. Yesterday it closed at 22.47, for a gain of 18%. The account has risen from $10k to $11,806.

Meanwhile, as I wait for GEOY to hit my target price (I'm not a day trader),
I am continuing my education by learning about options and have created a simulated account;

Current positions:
YUM, July $60 calls, 10 contracts at $3.60 each ($0 gain)
GEOY, March $20 calls, 10 contracts at $3.6 each (14% gain)

Market Prediction for 12/23/11 UP
record 2-0 100% winning pct.

Start Date: 12/12/2011
Starting balance: $10k
Current Balance (interday): $11,806
Gain: 18%

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