Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Before we get to those juicy penny stock picks; a quick update on the trials and tribulations of doubling $10k in the market in less than one year. It's been 11 trading days since we started our journey and we are up about 12%. I cant really complain about that, although for some reason I want to. During the same period, the S&P is up about 1%. I repeat the same thing over and over to myself and that is "I must remain both Patient and Disciplined" to achieve my goal. OK, on to those penny stocks.

On 12/21/11 I published:
"Penny Stocks worth Buying"
Below were the picks and their stock prices at the time

1. BIOF .57
2. DYSL $1.60
3. ACAD $1.25
4. TGC .70

On 12/23, GBNK was picked at $1.47

Today 12/28/11
1. BIOF .67 (gain 18%)
2. DYSL $1.72 (gain 7.5%)
3. ACAD $1.10 (loss 14%)
4. TGC .71 (gain 1%)
5. GBNK $1.45 (loss 1%)
all prices inter-day.
Important note about these picks, is that they are all viable companies with good fundamentals. I normally wait until good news pops to sell them. As you probably all know, when that happens with these kind of stocks-there is an explosion to the upside and they can go anywhere from 20-100% in one day. I will be a seller then. Until then, I need to wait.

And btw, the best thing for me to do on a day like today, is walk away from the computer. Otherwise, chances are, I will end up making some compulsive trade that will not be to my benefit. Happy Trading y'all. Check back later for the market prediction for tomorrow, will it be UP or DOWN?

Start Date: 12/12/2011
Starting balance: $10k
Current Balance (interday): $11,198
Gain: 12%

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