Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bank of America Shoots Higher (BAC)



Just a few random thoughts that went through my head today. Most of it based on instinct or gut feelings. I must add that I do not make decisions based on my "gut feeling". My investment decisions are backed up with research, both the underlying fundamentals and technical ananlysis. With that being said, I will follow up on what my instincts are telling me with some homework (due dilligence).

1. First, it feels like the market is ready to turn higher, at least in the short term (next few weeks)

2. TRU is a really interesting story and I would love to know what the liquidation price was.

3. ACAD is breaking out. This stock is in my Penny Stock Portfolio and I am holding on. One of these days, this stock is going to explode upwards based  on some kind of break through with one of their drugs they have in the pipeline.

4. GEOY has broken out and I wouldnt be surprised to see some news or an upgrade or something that will move the stock higher.

5. CPY looks like it is headed lower, by ALOT

6. BAC looking strong

And 2 more things, make sure you check out my Market Prediction Page for tomorrow's up or down prediction (65% winning pct.) and last but not least, Stockmarketdouble Portfolio is up 16%-well on our way to a double...maybe even a triple, you never know!


Start Date: 12/12/2011
Starting balance: $10k
Current Balance : $11,565
Gain: 16% 

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