Sunday, January 22, 2012


This weekend, I been putting a lot of thought into the value can I bring readers. The best thing I could think of is to make you money. I started the blog as a simple day to day diary of an attempt to double $10k in less than one year. So far it has worked out pretty well, as you can see below, the account is up 16% in a little bit more than one month.


Start Date: 12/12/2011
Starting balance: $10k
Current Balance : $11,581
Gain: 16% 

An unexpected benefit of writing this diary, is that it as given me the motivation to find more and better ways of doubling your money in the stock market in less than one year. Two theories that I have put to the test are low priced stocks that actually have solid fundamentals and longer outlook option plays. For the sake of this post (I will come up with something more appropriate soon) we will call them the Penny Stock Portfolio and the Options Portfolio. I have already created a page for the Options Portfolio-PLEASE check it out to your right.

The result are, the option trades are up 14% in exactly one month and because I haven't started the page for the "penny stocks". I will list the transactions below, but the results are quite astonishing. The portfolio is up 18% since in one month.

 Penny Stock Update
1. BIOF .57 
2. DYSL $1.63 
3. ACAD $1.25 
4. TGC .70 
5. GBNK $1.47 

1.BIOF .63 (10% gain) 
2.DYSL $2.38 (46% gain) 
3.ACAD $1.48 (18% gain) 
4.TGC .80 (14% gain)
5.GBNK $1.48 (1% gain) 


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