Tuesday, January 24, 2012



Update on the portfolios:

Opened account 12/20/11   OPTIONS: 25% gain
Opened account 12/12/11   STOCKMARKETDOUBLE: 17% gain
Opened account 1/23/11     TURTLE: even
Opened account 12/21/11   PENNY: 17%

If you take a look, I created another page today, the PENNY STOCK PAGE, but I will soon be changing the name to the ITSY BITSY PORTFOLIO. I just want to give all my readers a heads up before I change the page name.  The PENNY account has been a remarkable success, with a 17% return since the inception date of December 21, however the thing that makes it even more remarkable is that there have been no trades in the account other than the original buys.

Here's the thing that is important; THE ITSY BITSY PORTFOLIO will be what some people would consider to be a penny stock fund. I don't think so, it is a low priced stock portfolio designed with some speculation, but the risk/reward factor is about 1/7. I can live with those kind of ratios.

Go to the pages section to see all current positions.

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