Thursday, February 16, 2012


I added IDCC at 37.70 today. Another low risk/high reward setup. And the reasons are...

1.The stock is 54% off it's 52 week high-this in itself is not "the" reason, but if you take into consideration the other factors involved in the overall thought process, then it is very pertinent.
2. There has been talk of a buyout of IDCC since the summer, The Wall Street Journal in July reported that Google was in talks with InterDigital. Of course this didn't happen, but rumors continue to circulate about various suitors. When the news broke about discussions with Google, the stock nearly doubled and has been pulling back ever since.
3. From a technical standpoint, there is big support around $37.
4. Insiders bought $700,000 on the open market from January 25-30. Not a gigantic amount but worth noting and it's certainly better news than insider selling.
5. Intel, Samsung, Ericsson's AB, HTC Corp., Apple and Microsoft have all taken a look at InterDigital's patents as reported by Bloomberg. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Tomorrow, I will finish up with the other 5 reasons, but I really like IDCC here.

And because I just have the urge to express myself, a few random thoughts before I finish up:

I live in NY City and this guy Jeremy Lin with the Knicks is a god send.
I just read a report that since Portugal decriminalized all drugs 10 years ago that addiction has been reduced by more than 50%. Are you listening America? 50% dammit.
Yesterday afternoon, some maniac got into a gun battle with cops in the subway station underneath my building and 17 shots were fired. Scary...

Don't be a pig-TAKE PROFITS
Don't fool with options until you are thoroughly schooled on the subject.
NSU looks really good down here.

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