Friday, February 24, 2012


You have heard the expression the sum is greater than the parts? With InterDigital, it is the opposite way around, the parts are greater than the sum.

Less than 2 weeks ago, Interdigital's management said they were better off selling the intellectual property of the company in parts rather than to sell the company in it's entirety, all at once. The Street then crushed the stock, almost punishing management for being acutely aware of how to best utilize the resources of the company to enhance shareholder value. Wall Street doesn't like unconventional, if things aren't done their way, they respond by selling and downgrading. Consequently, the stock price went from 44 to 35.

But that was a gift to those who understood that management was doing the right thing, a gift of a probable 40% return if you bought, after the sell off.

Stockmarketdouble suggested a little more than a week ago to get in around $36. We are now above 40 and climbing higher.

Please refer to the articles giving 10.5 good reasons to buy IDCC. You will be amazed how prophetic it is, I certainly am.

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