Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Another trading day has come and gone and I still hold the same position, short 1622 shares of SUNE.  I was down about 2%.

I guess if I had to put into broad terms the kind of trader I am-you could say that I am a swing trader. Maybe the one thing that I do differently than a lot of other swing traders is that I take fundamentals into account, just as much the technicals.

During the "swing period", there are almost always up and down days.  As I think about it a little more-I guess I could call myself a "long term" swing trader; in that I will hold a position longer than most. Well, hopefully tomorrow things will go my way and SUNE will be down, rather than up.  Until tomorrow, I hope you all have a nice evening. See the results of all  my trades below:

Update for Wednesday, June 26, 2013:

Current position-short 1622 shares of SUNE at $8.45

Closed Trades:
5/17-short 942 shares of RDN at $13.69
6/17-covered position on RDN at $12.92 (6% gain)

4/18-shorted 262 shares of UNXL at $38.10
5/17-covered at $29.44 (29% gain)

Start Date: 4/18/13
Starting Balance: $10k
Current Balance: $14,211.00
Return: 42%
Annualized Return: 222%

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