Monday, January 16, 2012

More about the "Under $3 Quality Stock Portfolio" and RAND

Before I start, I want to reiterate that this particular portfolio is designed for long term holds, meaning it isn't a frequently traded kind of investment strategy.
The first stock in the portfolio was AAME, added on 1/8/2011 at $1.98. Very little movement since then, down .01

2nd addition as I mentioned yesterday is RAND: $2.99

Rand Capital Corp
finance sector
pe 12.24
Earnings growth has seen significant increase in the past couple of quarters

The main reason for the pick is that there has been significant earnings growth over the last 6 months yet the  stock price has remained essentially the same during the same period. Also in comparison to the rest of the financial industry, the earning per share is 800% more than average. RAND is a venture capital firm that has also had a large increase recently in revenues from their investments. RAND is a smart choice here.

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