Thursday, March 14, 2013


You can make a boat load of  money shorting pump and dumps. It's easy money if you do the research.  The pumpers or stock promoters are getting so good at  it.  Day after day it seems I see these stocks appearing on yahoo as the top gainers of the day.  CALI, on Monday was up over 90%, going from $2.76 to $5.91 in a day. Volume went from 23,000 shares to nearly 3 million.

Today (Thursday), 3 days later the stock is down from $5.91 to $3.90, a 34% drop.

I shorted this thing and got out yesterday and made the kind of ROI that fund managers would like to make in a year.

The latest version of CALI is BWEN, now trading at $5.36. BWEN has gone from $3.01 on February 25 to $6 at its high today. This company reported earnings on February 25th, estimates were for earnings of 5 cents per share. They reported a loss of 35 cents per share. Talk about a miss! 

Check out this earnings calendar link. At the bottom of the page you will see downside surprises and that is exactly where you will find BWEN.

Get shares to short from your broker before they run out, its going to be a down side massacre.

As I always say, ride the wave!

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