Thursday, May 9, 2013


I want answers
In 2012, UNXL had a whopping $76,000 in revenue and $9,000,000 in losses, how in the world did you dupe investors into paying $38 for your stock?

How much of the profits will you be sharing with Kodak in your much ballyhooed partnership to make sensors for Uniboss?

What is the ultimate cost of this agreement with Kodak?

Why aren't you disclosing those costs?

Without this deal with Kodak, could you bring this "great" technology to the market yourselves?

Or are you solely dependant on Kodak to make this happen?

Whats up with the insider selling?

What was the real reason to partner up with Kodak?

Is there something not right about the technology that is preventing it from going to market?

How can a 350m market cap company have only 18m in total assets (of which 12m was raised recently from an equity raise) and no proven product?

Would any intelligent investor put their money into a stock that has not disclosed the exact contents of an agreement they have with another company that obviously has a huge material effect on the stock price?

Are investors purely speculating when buying Uni-Pixel?

And how about, the money managers who are suggesting to their clients to buy Uni-Pixel, would that be nearly a criminal act? especially from a fund that claims they invest in intrinsic value?

I'd say it is almost impossible to calculate the intrinsic value of UNXL, Wouldn't you?

Just asking?

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