Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Everyday on Motley Caps I post a copy of the Stockmarketdouble Diary because you can not edit the post once its up, meaning it is what it is and there is complete transparency.

So here's today's update:
Nothing for me to get excited about today. Sunedison (SUNE), the stock I am currently short went up more than 3%. Today would be an example of why I am not a big fan of day trading. If I had that mind set, I would be out and long gone from this position. Well, tomorrow's another day. See below for the details of my account.
Update for Tuesday, June 18, 2013:
Current position-short 1616 shares of SUNE at $8.45
Closed Trades:
5/17-short 942 shares of RDN at $13.69
6/17-covered position on RDN at $12.92
4/18-shorted 262 shares of UNXL at $38.10
5/17-covered at $29.44 (29% gain)
Start Date: 4/18/13
Starting Balance: $10k
Current Balance: $13,164.00
Return: 32%
Annualized Return: 191%

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